Imandra conquers
software complexity

Our world runs on complex and safety-critical software. Imandra democratizes automated reasoning
- the science of managing software complexity.

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  • Model-Based
    Software Development

    Create a formally verified "digital twin" of your complex software system and use Imandra to rigorously test, audit and calibrate your production implementation.

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  • System

    Formalize system interfaces, protocols, and behaviors, and use Imandra to ensure rapid and safe integration.

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  • Automated
    Formal Methods

    Ensure correctness, eliminate bias and deliver explainability for complex algorithms, rules and models.

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  • Rule/Program

    Discover properties of your programs and systems by analysing their data and interrogating them directly.

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Groundbreaking automated reasoning for the design, verification and calibration of complex software.

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Formal Verification

  • Lower software costs and fix defects early
  • Deliver error-free software
  • Gain deep understanding of algorithm behavior


  • Optimize software designs along key dimensions
  • Calibrate optimal system modifications
  • Derive actionable intelligence for users of your system

Constraint Solving

  • Rich computational modeling language with higher-order, recursive and nonlinear functions
  • Solve complex planning problems
  • Embed in mobile and autonomous systems for robust decision making

Symbolic Reasoning

  • Decompose system state spaces and elucidate edge cases
  • Obtain exact symbolic descriptions of possible system behaviors
  • Understand with precision what can possibly go wrong

Rule Synthesis

  • Automatically discover key system properties and invariants
  • Learn specifications from data
  • Derive complex transformations and API adapters from analyzing logs

Custom Plug-ins

Extend Imandra's reasoning engine through domain-specific plugins

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We work with many of the world's largest and most trusted brands, universities and government agencies.