Imandra is the Automated Reasoning Company

Our world relies on complex software. When software goes wrong, the results can be catastrophic. Imandra's groundbreaking automated reasoning technology ensures your software is safe, intelligent and on time.

Whether you're designing an exchange trading algorithm or verifying an autonomous vehicle, Imandra's Reasoning as a Service® platform empowers you with deep advances in AI for algorithms.

Some of the world's best already rely on Imandra:

In 2017 Imandra Inc. partnered with Goldman Sachs to help deliver the SIGMA X MTF Auction Book, a new orderbook venue implementing periodic auctions. Imandra Inc. used Imandra, our own automated reasoning engine, to formally model the Goldman Sachs design of the SIGMA X MTF Auction Book, verify its fundamental properties, and automate rigorous testing. Now that the venue is live, Imandra is being used to perform ongoing validations of trading operations.

Connecting to your clients and counterparts can be fast and easy. Let us show you how.

WEF recognizes
Imandra's AI leadership

The World Economic Forum (WEF), in a detailed report, recently highlighted Imandra's unique position to pave the way for scalable and AI-powered Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE) within financial markets as a key ingredient for modernization of financial infrastructure.

Connecting to your clients and counterparts can be fast and easy. Let us show you how.

IPL Features
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Our customers were on average 6 months ahead of the delivery schedule.

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Intelligent Insight

Our customers systematically calibrate their client experience. Can't go into details, but let's just say we've never lost an account.

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Our customers understand EVERY single decision their systems make.

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What about you?

Imandra Markets: Systems

A modern take on Model-Based Engineering for complex financial trading systems.

Model-Based Engineering is relied upon in safety-critical industries like avionics and hardware engineering. Until now, it was impossible to apply it to financial software, but the recent advances in AI, computer science, and mathematics are changing this.

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Automated testing

Imandra's Region Decomposition technology is a groundbreaking AI-powered approach to testing systems with virtually infinitely many possible states. Similar techniques are used in avionics.

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Our clients use Imandra to reconcile every single decision that their systems make. Any deviation (for any reason) from the model is addressed immediately. This is what governance should be.

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Design audit

In safety-critical industries, most bugs are introduced during the design stage. We apply highly automated formal verification to ensure the design of your system is correct.

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Business insight

By running many "what if's" and aggregating them into actionable intelligence, Imandra gives you quantitative and precise recommendations on how to improve your clients' experience.

How we work with you:

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Professional Services

We are the pioneers of applying automated reasoning to the design, testing, and audit of software in finance.

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Reasoning as a Service®

Banks and other types of financial firms use Imandra via secure connections to our public cloud infrastructure.

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On-prem deployment

While we take full advantage of the cloud, we will work with you if this is not an immediate option.

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Imandra Markets: Connectivity

Home of the AI-powered FIX certification and onboarding

What used to be manual, error-prone, and time-consuming is now automated, precise, and fast. Our technology has redefined how the industry does connectivity. We'd love an opportunity to show you how.

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Automated test case generation

Imandra automatically describes and translates into test scripts all the edge cases of your FIX gateway.

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Design validation

Believe it or not, but specs have bugs too. IPL is designed to detect any issues before they make their way into code.

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On-demand simulators

Any IPL model can be turned into an on-demand simulation environment that's faithful to how the actual gateway will behave.

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Everyone hates maintaining documentation, so we automated it away.

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Actionable insight

By analyzing production trading data, we can tell you what edge cases and features your clients are using and detect any worrisome deviations.

IPL Features

We've created Imandra Protocol Language (IPL) to express complex system interfaces. Its mathematical precision allows us to apply cutting-edge AI to bear on system connectivity.

How we work with you:

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FIX certification and onboarding, including integration with ITIVITI Conductor.

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Ongoing FIX connection audit and business intelligence analysis

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Development and support for proprietary trading protocols

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Imandra Markets:
Autopilot (coming soon)

Venue-specific Reinforcement Learning (RL) trading agents trained on precise and faithful venue models and their order flow. Delivered as high-performance libraries for seamless integration into your SOR. Recalibrated and updated daily. Built with breakthrough AI for reasoning about infinite state-spaces of venue logic - including order types, trading modes and messaging protocols.

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Imandra Core - the mathemagic powering it all

Imandra's logic is built directly upon the high-performance functional programming languages OCaml and ReasonML ( and ( This means that Imandra can directly reason about programs written in these languages. Moreover, we’ve built interfaces for other popular languages.

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Imandra Core
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If software is eating the world,
we really should take it more seriously.

When the algorithms we rely on are unsafe, unfair, or inexplicable, the results can be catastrophic. Imandra is powering a new generation of tools for the rigorous design, analysis, and governance of complex algorithms.

Current focus:

Experimental projects
at Imandra labs

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Distributed Ledger

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Safety-critical industries

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Hardware manufacturing

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Web development

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