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Imandra Inc. (through its wholly-owned subsidiary Aesthetic Integration Research Corporation) has entered the US Federal Government marketplace and is already working with the US Navy and US Air Force. In Spring 2020, we participated in the DCODE 2020 AI/Big Data accelerator in Washington, DC. Below is a non-exhaustive list of capabilities Imandra brings to the Government's needs. Please contact us at for further information.

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Imandra protects against emerging threats and helps ensure the correct behavior of autonomous systems.

AI for strategic and tactical

Imandra analyzes complex environments (modeled with both discrete and continuous events) and extrapolates into the future their possible outcomes. Imandra compresses their vast state-spaces into a compact collection of symbolic scenarios.

AI for strategic and tactical decision-making
AI-powered Model-Based Software Engineering

AI-powered Model-Based Software Engineering

Imandra is a natural medium for modeling, testing, and verifying complex systems. Its formal verification features bring unprecedented rigor to software development, democratizing the scientific techniques traditionally reserved to PhDs at places like NASA.

AI-powered Model-Based Software Engineering

Rigorous (formal) analysis
of ML/AI algorithms:

The Gov't relies on numerous opaque algorithms. Do they always behave as expected? Are they robust? Are they operating within the regime for which they were trained? Are they ethical? Imandra can help answer these and many other questions.

Rigorous (formal) analysis of ML/AI algorithms
AI for scheduling complex systems

Scheduling App

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it's become apparent that due to social distancing, children going to school in Scotland and elsewhere will only be able to attend for a restricted number of days per week. One of the primary concerns for families is that siblings should attend on the same day.

Find a solution!
AI for scheduling complex systems

Imandra brings unprecedented insight into sequential data and rigorous analysis of complex systems/environments.

Data analysis and rule extraction:

Imandra can extract logical patterns from structured transactional data and consolidate them into a single operational model.

Model analysis:

Imandra can analyze model properties, explain its behaviors and project its possible future evolutions (with associated probabilities of those scenarios occurring).

Data and model analysis diagram

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