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Testing coverage

Imandra Markets Benefit - Test coverage

Imandra reasons about ALL of the possible ways your clients can interact with your platform and compresses this infinity into a set of distinct edge cases. In our experience, Imandra uncovered at least 3x the number of unique test cases written by human QA engineers.

Time to market

Imandra Markets Benefit - Time to market

Before Imandra Markets, writing certification test cases was a painful and manual process - taking about 4 months for a typical platform. From start to finish - we bring this down to a few days.

Financial performance

Imandra Markets Benefit - Financial performance

We don't view certification as a "one-off" exercise. Instead, we empower you to analyze your clients' interaction with your platform to extract actionable intelligence. Imandra gives you unprecedented insight into how your customers use your platform, detects any changes, and identifies opportunities to improve their experience.


Imandra Protocol Language (IPL)

Imandra Protocol Language (IPL) is a domain-specific language for encoding ROE (Rules of Engagement) documents. We created IPL to make it as easy as possible to precisely encode documents like FIX specifications. Unlike an MS Word document, IPL forces the developer to be very precise, so the resulting model is susceptible to analysis by AI. Moreover, with a push of a button, you can turn an IPL model into a documentation PDF, an on-demand simulation environment, a production log auditor, or use IPL to generate actionable client intelligence.

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Region Decomposition

Region Decomposition is a novel AI technique for automatically generating test suites for complex financial systems. We have seamlessly integrated it with IPL for creating client certification test suites. Efforts that traditionally were qualitative and manual, taking 4 months on average to do, are now entirely automated with IPL and Region Decomposition. Region Decomposition analyzes all of the ways your clients can interact with your system and lets you choose the relevant edge cases to be transformed into certification test suites.

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Rule Synthesis

Rule Synthesis is a Machine Learning (ML) technique for extracting logical patterns from complex sequential data (e.g., FIX logs). Imandra's Rule Synthesis feature speeds up IPL development by analyzing historic log files and converting recognized logical patterns into an IPL model. While manual review/edit of the IPL model would still be required (as the logs may not reflect the entire current state of the interface), Rule Synthesis gets you 80% there.

Illustration of symbolic reasoning combined with machine learning.
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On-Demand Simulators

Any IPL model can be quickly turned into a simulation environment. No additional scripting required - Imandra will use the logic contained within an IPL model to simulate how your system may respond to the client's requests. These simulators are highly customizable and leverage Imandra's powerful constraint solving techniques to replicate the non-trivial behavior of your system.

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Flow Insight

Extract actionable intelligence from your clients' sessions. Flow Insight overlays the IPL-derived edge cases onto the session log files to give you unprecedented and systematic insight into how your clients use your systems.

Illustration of symbolic reasoning combined with machine learning.
Illustration of Imandra toolset

Integration with Itiviti’s Conductor

Imandra Connectivity is now available for use through Broadridge / Itiviti Conductor, a market leading tool for FIX onboarding. Please contact us or Broadridge's Sales team for further details.

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